NBA fans believe LeBron James major reason for Darvin Ham’s impending termination after multiple Lakers players unhappy with game time

The Los Angeles Lakers, typically a team that is very much synonymous with on-court dominance, are finding themselves caught in an internal game plan barrier during the 2023–24 NBA season.

Despite an emerging victorious tour in the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament, their success remains elusive when entering the regular season.

Fans claim LeBron James likely to get Darvin Ham fired

In the glittering world of the Los Angeles Lakers, stormy clouds have gathered ominously over their head coach, Darvin Ham.

The Lakers, fresh from a triumphant victory in the in-season tournament, are currently grappling with a bewildering downturn, having lost four straight games and winning just three out of their last thirteen games.

Rumors of deep discontentment between Ham and the Lakers locker room have started to surge around due to a very unsatisfying result on the play calls made by the head coach.

The discontent among fans and the players themselves paints an undelightful, turbulent picture. Despite leading the Lakers to the Western Conference finals just eight months ago, Ham finds himself at the epicenter of criticism for all the calls he made during and before game time.

In a post-game interview with the Lakers’ star player, Lebron James, he openly stated that “We suck right now”, making it increasingly apparent that Ham’s tenure might be on borrowed time.

With fans already wanting Ham to be fired, this time they present their views from a different perspective, through James as the one who can ‘rebuild’ the team.

Some also have their own ways of expressing the same views in a witty manner.

Lakers players with least amount of game time under Darvin Ham

Amidst the echoes of the Lakers’ recent defeat against the Miami Heat, the atmosphere in the locker room became dull with unspoken frustration.

LeBron ‘The King’ James, one who usually the voices of the team, silently donned his uniform and left without meeting anyone’s gaze. And the following loss against the Memphis Grizzlies certainly added another layer of frustration to most of the Lakers players.

After that disappointing loss, Ham’s reaction in a post-game interview wasn’t at all caring. While letting his fans know to quit “living and dying” with each game, he was actually referring to the season being a ‘marathon’.

Anthony Davis, in unusual contrast to his usual upbeat demeanour, spoke to reporters with a subdued tone, mirroring the prevailing mood of dissatisfaction over not being able to deliver.

Reports suggest a possible deepening divide between the Lakers head coach, Darvin Ham and the Lakers’ roster as a whole, a “disconnect” that was fuelled by a few ‘no so well planned’ lineup changes and rotations that have left players searching for stability.

The spotlight now turns to the players who have played the least game time under the coaching of Ham, raising questions about the strategies employed and the path to redemption for this legendary and storied franchise.

Can the Lakers make a comeback in the regular season and make it to the playoffs with Darvin Ham as their head coach? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!


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