NBA insider rules out Celtics as potential Damian Lillard trade destination: “I think that’s pretty safe to say”

The Boston Celtics are a team that frequently is in the spotlight when it comes to NBA trade rumours. However, according to a reliable NBA source, the Celtics are not a viable option for Portland Trail Blazers standout Damian Lillard.

The insider stated confidently in a recent interview, “I think that’s pretty safe to say.” With rumours swirling over Lillard’s future, this evaluation gives light on the Celtics’ doubtful involvement in any prospective trade talks. Fans of the Celtics may need to moderate their expectations as they contemplate the team’s offseason preparations and hopes for adding a top player of Lillard’s calibre.

NBA insider weighs in on Lillard’s trade

NBA analyst Chris Haynes recently shared his thoughts on prospective trade destinations for Portland Trail Blazers player Damian Lillard. The Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat stand out as probable landing locations for Lillard, according to Haynes. Lillard, who has shown a desire to play for specific organisations, has attracted interest from a number of teams, including the Boston Celtics.

After more than a decade with the Trail Blazers, Lillard’s future has long been a source of curiosity. With no confirmation yet, the seven-time All-Star’s offseason might be a huge departure. Haynes disclosed Dame’s reported preferences on the Dan Patrick Show, naming the Nets and Heat as significant contenders. Haynes, on the other hand, ruled out a deal involving the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Nets and Heat would both benefit immensely from adding Dame to their lineups. While the Nets have a talented young team, the Heat recently reached the NBA Finals despite lacking a prolific scorer. Dame Time’s addition would surely improve their prospects of contending at the highest level this season.

As trade rumours swirl around Big Game Dame, fans watch any developments with bated breath, knowing that his departure could have a big impact on the league’s landscape.

Why won’t Damian Lillard join the Celtics?

While Dame’s future is undetermined and ultimately up to him, there are various reasons why he may not join the Boston Celtics. From a strategic sense, it’s plausible that Lillard considers other clubs to be better possibilities.

The Celtics’ current roster might be a factor. Dame may believe that the squad lacks the essential pieces to compete for a championship right away. Other teams, such as the Brooklyn Nets or the Miami Heat, may have a more established supporting cast that is more aligned with Lillard’s success goals.

Another factor to consider is the Celtics’ assets in the event of a deal. If the Portland Trail Blazers are willing to part ways with their premier point guard, they may prefer deals involving intriguing young players or significant draught selections. If the Celtics are unable to put together an attractive trade package, their prospects of acquiring Dame Time may suffer.

Finally, Big Game Dame’s personal choices and desired destinations may differ from those of the Celtics. He has previously named the Nets and Heat as possible landing locations, implying that he may have specific requirements in mind for his future team.

Lillard’s decision will be influenced by a number of factors, including the competitiveness of possible suitors, the fit within their rosters, and his personal preferences. While the Celtics are a prestigious team, they may have difficulties in getting Damian Lillard.


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