Nikola Jokic and Co. show love for Bruce Brown after former Nuggets forward returned to Ball Arena for his ring night

In the heart of the Mile High City, the Denver Nuggets defended their home court well against the Indiana Pacers, who are currently the league’s top-scoring team.

However, the highlight of the evening wasn’t just about the game; it was about the heartfelt homecoming of a former Nuggets forward, Bruce Brown. One who returned to Ball Arena for his NBA ring and to celebrate his contributions to Denver’s 2023 championship.

Bruce Brown gets mobbed by former Nuggets teammates

Calling for a memorable reunion at the Ball Arena, Bruce Brown, the once-beloved Denver Nuggets player, made a loving return to the Mile High City as a member of the Indiana Pacers.

Before the game even tipped off, the crowd shouted out a thunderous cheer for the man who helped make history in Denver, accompanied by expressions of respect and appreciation from former teammates.

As Kentavious Caldwell-Pope presented him with the championship ring, the crowd erupted in cheers of “Bruuuuce”.

The scene at center court showcased the enduring brotherhood among the Nuggets, which speaks very highly of the culture in Denver.

Though Brown now wears the jersey of the opposing team, the love and warmth from his ex-teammates still remain the same, bringing to light the great impact that he has had during his time in Denver.

Brown’s return to Denver’s arena was a celebration of shared triumphs that were displayed through a joyful expression of brotherly love, appreciation and respect for one another. It was a testament to the long-lasting connections forged within the NBA community.

Bruce Brown’s Nuggets career

As Bruce Brown received his championship ring, the crowd burst into cheers, setting the stage for a tough match-up against the Indiana Pacers.

Brown’s one-year tenure with the Nuggets wasn’t just a day-to-day duty with a basketball team; it expanded to a very passionate affair with Denver’s organization and its unique culture.

The man is affectionately known as “Cowboy Bruce.” There’s no doubt that Brown truly embraced the city’s country and western charm, wearing cowboy hats and boots as part of his distinctive gameday outfits.

Brown, though in the opposition this time, still exhibited his dominant ability to score with an impressive stat line of 18 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 steals. However, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Denver Nuggets, as the home team defended well against the Pacers offense, securing a 117-109 victory to end the night.

Denver’s victory not only spoke of their continued success but also of Brown’s enduring impact for the Pacers. With the absence of Tyrese Haliburton, Brown emerged as a vital contributor. He continues to average a 47.5% from the field goal, with 32.7% shooting from beyond the arc.

Can the Pacers’ new forward, Bruce Brown, upgrade the team’s game play so as to pave the way for them to the NBA finals? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!


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