“Oh, you’re disgusted by it? Watch the Voice” Dana White claps back at critics of the Power Slap league

Dana White can’t seem to catch a break in the never-ending wave of criticism from people from all walks of life. The UFC president recently came under fire after slapping his wife on new year’s eve. The entire incident was extremely ironic considering the ‘Power Slap League’ was coming up soon.

Why is Dana White being attacked for the ‘Power Slap League’?

To get a proper understanding of the dangerous implications of the power slap league, we should discuss the rules of the sport as well as recorded references from similar events. As per the rules, in a slapping contest, the participants usually stand face to face and slap each other until one of them loses the ability to continue.

Dana tries to justify his endeavors by saying, “Because we spend the money to make sure that we have two healthy people in there. With proper medical attention during and after the fight. These are all the things we need to educate people on, just like we needed to educate people on mixed martial arts. But, in slap, they take 3-5 slaps per event. Fighters in boxing take 300-400 punches a fight. And guess what? Do you know what my answer to that is? If you don’t fucking like it, don’t watch it.”

The only issue here is that in Boxing a fighter is allowed to defend against any incoming punch from his opponent and the same is true with MMA. However, in slapping contests, the full-force slap from a close distance is expected to land fair and square without any interruptions which don’t seem very healthy.

In a recent Romanian contest challenger Simion Comsa got slapped so hard that his face got swollen horribly. He still managed to pull through and win the prize money. But the damage he suffered probably goes much beyond the prize money. And what does Dana have to say to the naysayers, “Exactly! Nobody’s asking you to watch this! Oh, you’re disgusted by it? Watch The Voice.”

What is your opinion on Power Slapping as a tournament?


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