Paddy Pimblett seeks rematch with Jared Gordon blaming ankle injury for close fight at UFC 282

Liverpool’s finest, Paddy Pimblett, is demanding a rematch against Jared Gordon, blaming his ankle injury for the close fight in their last encounter. UFC 282 saw Pimblett defeat Gordon by a unanimous decision in December 2022.

Despite his victory, many fans thought Gordon won the fight, and Pimblett believes his ankle injury was the only reason the fight was even close. A severe ankle injury caused Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett to require surgery during the first round.

He recently posted a YouTube video explaining his doctor’s concern when he revealed he continued to fight despite the injury. However, Pimblett believes he had to finish the fight, and he did just that, winning the decision in the end.

Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett Labels Jared Gordon a ‘Bitter Little Girl’ and Demands Rematch After Controversial Win at UFC 282

Pimblett addressed the backlash by calling out Gordon and labeling him a “bitter little girl” for claiming he won the fight. Pimblett reminded everyone that Gordon himself was on the receiving end of a split decision when Joe Solecki beat him in 2021, so he should “shut his mouth.”

Initially, Pimblett wasn’t interested in a rematch against Gordon, but the controversy surrounding the judge’s decision seems to have changed his mind. “The Baddy” is now calling out Gordon for a rematch once he recovers from his ankle surgery. He even hopes Gordon beats Bobby Green so that he can “snap his arm for him in a round.”

Pimblett is confident he’ll beat Gordon, even with his ankle injury, and he reminds everyone that he beat Gordon on his best day while Pimblett was at his worst. Pimblett won his first three UFC fights, including a first-round knockout in his debut against Luigi Vendramini and back-to-back submission wins against Rodrigo Vargas and Jordan Leavitt.

Paddy Pimblett’s Quest for Redemption: Will He Secure the Rematch Against Jared Gordon and Prove Himself as the Ultimate UFC Fighter?

It’ll be interesting to see if Pimblett gets his rematch against Gordon and solidifies his latest victory in the Octagon. Until then, Pimblett is focused on his rehabilitation and preparation, eager to show everyone that he is the better fighter.

While Pimblett’s ankle ailment may have had an impact on his performance, Jared Gordon is no slouch in the Octagon. The American fighter has an impressive record, with notable wins against Hacran Dias, Danny Chavez, and Chris Fishgold.

Even if he loses, there is little question that Pimblett has a promising future in the UFC. His thrilling fighting style, vibrant attitude, and ability to generate hype make him an invaluable asset to the promotion. Pimblett is guaranteed to put on a spectacle and have fans talking about whether he wins or loses.


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