Patrick Beverely recalls getting knocked out in basketball court for using the ‘b*tch word’

Patrick Beverely is one of the NBA’s smoothest and most fluent trash talkers. The 76ers player doesn’t seem to be scared of anybody and loves getting into fights. He celebrates each and every time he scores a basket in such a way that it seems like his buckets have paved the path of victory for his team.

Beverely is an elite lockdown defender and minimizes the chances of scoring for his opponents. He reads and anticipates moves quickly and uses pressure and aggressiveness to knock out the ball from the hands of the opponents or block their shots. However, despite the bravado, Beverely had once been humbled for trash talking but still remains one of NBA’s most iconic trash talkers.

Patrick Beverley recounts incident of being knocked out

In a podcast, Patrick Beverley shared a story about using the b*ich word during a high school game and getting humbled after that.

“Right after school, I’m hooping,” Beverley said. “Killing. I’m literally having my way. I’m in my prime Pat Bev form, I’m a freshman, sophomore in high school. Hit shot. ‘Yeah b***h!”

“Grown-a** man – I don’t know. I was young – so, I was 15, he had to be like 28, 29. ‘Yeah, young fella, watch out for that b***h word.’ You know me, I’m whatever, I can fight though, I got dukes. I done trained with boxers at the Golden Dome. … I know my dukes straight. But I didn’t know I was getting into a fight,” said Beverley who is a legend in starting fights and beefs.

“I come down, bop, bop, bop. Hit game on him, ‘Yeah, b***h-a** n***a, get off the court!’ Knocked me out. But lesson of the story is, like, you don’t use the b***h word. That word can turn tides real fast. … I learned eight lessons with that one incident.”

Adam Ferrone, his podcast co-host, was not one to pass up the opportunity and cracked a joke about Josh Giddey of the Oklahoma City Thunder as Giddey has allegedly been linked to a high school student: “A grown man hitting someone underage, who does he think he is, Josh Giddey?” Ferrone said.

Will Patrick Beverley start against Wizards?

Beverley won’t start Wednesday’s game against the Wizards. Joel Embiid (illness), Nicolas Batum (finger), and Tyrese Maxey (illness) were all out, so Beverley got a spot start against the Celtics on Friday.

But on Wednesday, all three of the previously mentioned players will return to the starting lineup, so Beverley will revert to a reserve position. Throughout his 18 off-the-bench appearances this season, the seasoned point guard has averaged 3.3 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 2.3 assists in 17.1 minutes.

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