Dillon Danis offers to spar Andre August on Adin Ross’ stream to challenge Jake Paul to MMA

Dillon Danis has been one of the trending names in the fighting community. When he and Logan Paul began feuding, he quickly became a hot topic. Though both fighters did collide in the boxing ring, Logan turned out to be the winner.

On October 14th, in Danis’ bout against Lohan Paul, the Youtuber turned boxer stayed for six rounds in the boxing ring. Danis received a disqualification loss due to an attempted MMA move against Paul. The 30-year-old is still in a sour relationship with Logan’s brother Jake Paul.

Dillon Danis wants to fight Jake Paul in MMA.

Jake Paul is all set to face André August next week on December 15th, but Danis didn’t keep the flame calm. The recently retired fighter gave an offer to Jake Paul for an MMA fight after he was done sparring his upcoming opponent.

Dillon posted a warning blend tweet where he mentioned sparing Paul’s next opponent on the live stream and made a promise of beating August.

The 30-year-old tweeted, “Hey, Jake Paul, I’ve got a proposal for you. I’ll spar with the bum you’re currently set to fight live on @adinross’s stream. When I embarrass him, you’ll have to agree to fight me in MMA on the same date you’ve planned for your fight against him. What do you say,  kiddo?”

Paul has yet to reply to the tweet, but this is not something new from Danis. He was often reported to be in the news for his cage-side and ring-side brawls with fighters and their teams.

HSTikkyTokky criticizes Dillon Danis’ André August challenge

There has been no reply from Jake Paul’s side yet, but fitness influencer HSTikkyTokky sent a sarcastic message to the retired fighter. The internet celebrity, in his tweet reply, compared him to UFC GOAT Jon Jones in an insulting way.

After the embarrassing loss against Logan Paul, Danis still faced criticism from fans. They clearly indicate the move-on gesture from Dillon Danis.

HSTikkyTokky responded, “How is Dillon Danis talking like he’s going to embarrass a pro boxer? After literally giving Logan the guat guat 3000.”

Then he sarcastically compared him with the UFC heavyweight champion. “But you’re on Twitter talking like you’re Jon Jones in his prime. You got embarrassed by a YouTuber, bro. You’re giving me zerker Vibes at this point, just chatting with nothing to back it up.”

“You had all the chance in the world to back up that trash talk and become a superstar. But right now you’re meme BR, so bake off. Stop giving me Zherka Vibes, both of you two can. You two should fight each other in the Battle of the F ****** R*****”

Creating fuss has always been the style of Dillon Danis. Earlier, he asked to fight UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev to finish what he didn’t finish at UFC 229, though Dana White looked not that interested in signing the 30-year-old to the UFC roster,

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