“You’re a fraud”: Despite humiliating disqualification loss to Logan Paul, Dillon Danis calls out Jake Paul for MMA bout

Dillon Danis has been the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons since his boxing match against popular YouTuber Logan Paul. Throughout the fight build-up, Dillon took digs at Logan’s fiancée and talked trash.

However, after losing the fight, Dillon tarnished his name that night. Even as a professional fighter, he did nothing but act unprofessionally. He was beaten for six rounds straight and then decided to try to wrestle Logan, resulting in his disqualification.

Dillon Danis challenges Jake Paul

In the dynamic world of sports and entertainment, a new rivalry has ignited, stemming from the recent boxing showdown between Logan Paul and Jake Paul. Dillon Danis, an MMA fighter and Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert, has thrown down the gauntlet to Jake Paul, following his defeat at the hands of Logan in a highly anticipated bout.

Logan Paul’s triumphant victory over Jake Paul has not deterred Dillon Danis; instead, it seems to have further fueled his desire to enter the boxing ring. Danis, known for his verbal prowess, swiftly issued a challenge to Jake Paul on social media, indicating his determination to prove that he can back up his fiery rhetoric with his fists.

Dillon Danis fired from Bellator after Logan Paul loss

In a surprising turn of events, Dillon Danis has been unceremoniously released from the Bellator MMA promotion following his recent defeat to Logan Paul in a highly publicized boxing match. This decision has ignited debates about the consequences of putting one’s reputation on the line in such crossover events.

Danis, who had made a name for himself through his skills inside the cage, faced Logan Paul in a boxing ring amid much fanfare. The fight generated immense interest, pitting the MMA world against the YouTube influencer sphere. In the end, Logan Paul emerged victorious, a win that not only silenced some of his critics but also cost Danis his place in Bellator.

While it’s not uncommon for fighters to engage in crossover bouts for the sake of entertainment and financial gain, the consequences for their careers can be significant. In Danis’ case, his loss to Logan Paul appears to have been a deciding factor in Bellator’s decision to part ways with the fighter.

As Dillon Danis contemplates his future in combat sports, the fallout from his loss to Logan Paul serves as a cautionary tale for fighters seeking fame and fortune outside their usual disciplines. The story of Danis’s departure from Bellator underscores the need for careful consideration when navigating the intertwined world of sports and entertainment.


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