Pedro Munhoz reveals Sean O’Malley deserves UFC title shot, claiming Henry Cejudo against Aljamain Sterling showdown has “no logic whatsoever”

Henry Cejudo is set to make a comeback to the cage after pretty much 1097 days. He aims to reclaim his title at UFC 288 on May 6. Meanwhile, his opponent Aljamain Sterling has demonstrated strong performances in his recent fights.

After successfully defending his UFC bantamweight title against Dominick Cruz in 2020 and announcing his retirement from the sport. Will the former bantamweight champion’s time away from action impact his performance as he attempts to reclaim the title he never lost in the octagon?

“With Henry Cejudo and all that time away, retired, to return for the belt, there’s no logic in that. There’s no logic whatsoever,” Munhoz said on a recent episode of Trocação Franca podcast. “I know he was the [flyweight] champion and then bantamweight champion so apparently it’s a fight that sells, apparently both guys have big influence in the organization.”

On April 15th, at the upcoming UFC Kansas City show, Chris Gutierrez will face Pedro Munhoz, an experienced fighter who has made 18 appearances in the octagon. Munhoz expressed doubt about the decision to grant Cejudo a shot at the gold following an extended period of inactivity.

Regarding the main event of UFC 288, Munhoz noted that Aljamain Sterling has a physical advantage in size and predicted that the fighter of Jamaican descent will successfully defend his title against Henry Cejudo, marking his third consecutive defense.

Aljamain Sterling as the “strong favorite” 

Sterling is gearing up for his third 135-pound title defense since his victory at UFC 259 in March 2021. He last fought in October and secured a dominant second-round TKO over former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw at UFC 280.

As for Munhoz, he predicts that Sterling will continue his winning streak over ex-champions at UFC 288.

“I think Henry Cejudo and all that time away, out of shape. That could make the big difference after three rounds. I see Aljamain Sterling as the strong favorite,” Munhoz said.

“I think Sterling is physically strong and is in great shape. He’s not one of my favorite fighters to watch, his strategy isn’t very pleasing to my eyes. Nothing against him as a person, but the way he fights is a bit different from how I fight. [But] it’s working for him, he’s the champion.”

Munhoz had previously lost a decision to Sterling on the same night that Cejudo won the 135-pound belt in 2019. Although he disagrees with the UFC’s decision. He doesn’t want to waste his time and energy on something that does not concern him.

Aljamain Sterling

In the end, he anticipates Sterling to come out victorious against Cejudo in Newark, NJ.

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