Floyd Mayweather has a specific set of commands for his security crew ‘The Money Team’: Exploring the orders the entourage follows

The entourage of Floyd Mayweather is not your ordinary crew. They are one of the biggest and most powerful entities in combat sports, with a slew of outrageous requirements for joining.

Nicknamed ‘The Money Team’ (TMT), they have the important task of protecting the undefeated 50-0 boxer in public, as well as safeguarding the substantial amounts of cash he regularly carries with him.

Floyd Mayweather

Commanding the Attack – Floyd Mayweather and His Unique Orders

When Mayweather utters a command, his bodyguards are expected to spring into action. During the press conference with Conor McGregor ahead of their 2017 super fight, Mayweather shouted at his crew to “Form Voltron,” a reference to the popular Marvel movie.

The TMT promptly surrounded McGregor, resulting in a huge fracas as McGregor’s team also showed they were ready for a fight.

Mayweather’s commands don’t stop at “Form Voltron.” He has also been known to yell “sick them,” which activates his mob into action. This 15-time world champion doesn’t hold back when it comes to commanding his crew.

The Colorful Characters of TMT and The Crazy Requirements to Join TMT

The members of TMT are not just ordinary bodyguards. They are larger-than-life characters who add color to Mayweather’s entourage. One of them is Alfonso Redick, who stands at a towering 7 feet and is aptly nicknamed ‘Big Church.’ Another member is Jizzy Mack, who was once labeled a “juicehead turkey” by McGregor.

Unfortunately, Mack suffered a brutal knockout defeat in September 2022, during an undercard fight of Mayweather’s exhibition bout against Mikauru Asakura in Japan. Despite their unique nicknames and personas, these bodyguards are serious about their job of protecting Mayweather and his interests.

Joining Mayweather’s ‘The Money Team’ is not an easy feat. According to reports, potential members must go to extreme lengths to prove their loyalty and dedication to protecting Mayweather and his wealth. With upwards of £250,000 sums of cash regularly carried by Mayweather, the stakes are high.

The requirements are not for the faint of heart and include being highly educated with good common sense, entrepreneurial-minded, and willing to go above and beyond for the team.

More Than Just Bodyguards – Mayweather’s Vision for TMT

According to Rod Braswell, a long-time friend of Mayweather, TMT is a collaboration of like-minded individuals with entrepreneurial spirit and ambition. It is Mayweather’s responsibility to provide his team with opportunities for career advancement.

In conclusion, being part of Floyd Mayweather’s ‘The Money Team’ is not your ordinary job. Mayweather’s unique commands and the colorful characters in his entourage add to the mystique of TMT. Despite the outrageous requirements, being part of TMT goes beyond being just a bodyguard – it’s an opportunity for success and growth in the eyes of Mayweather.

So, if you ever hear Mayweather shout “Form Voltron” or “sick them,” you better be ready to spring.

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