Ryan Garcia saga escalates: Boxing commission sued, Devin Haney fight likely off

There has been growing concern about Ryan Garcia’s mental state as his online posts have appeared to be quite questionable. After a press conference in New York, the commission questioned the suitability of Ryan Garcia fighting, as his comments raised some concern.

Even though Ryan Garcia’s representatives have confirmed that he is in perfect condition to fight, the New York Commission has requested an evaluation of his mental health before the April 20 fight against Devin Haney. Ryan became furious about this and took to social media, where he threatened to take legal action.

Boxing commission gets harsh lawsuit warning from Ryan Garcia

Ignoring the confirmation by Ryan Garcia’s team, the New York Commission issued an evaluation of Garcia’s mental health to check whether he is mentally fit for his fight against Devin Haney. As the check-up was initiated based on the comments Ryan made during the New York conference, he views it as a breach of his fundamental right to freedom of speech, which is tarnishing his reputation as a fighter and as a person.

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Later on, Garcia revealed that the Commission had issued the evaluation based on the social media posts which he had put out. Ryan argued that this violated his constitutional rights.

“So, because I’m tweeting what I’m tweeting that’s premises for mental evaluation. That’s curious. You tryna mess with my constitutional right. Now, I’m gonna sue you for defamation of character actually, ” he said.

“They won’t test Mike Tyson if he fought in New York but they would test me. My own therapist told me I should be smoking weed. And they’re stopping me from smoking weed. that should be against the law,” he added.

Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney bout likely off

The future of the Garcia vs. Haney fight is questionable due to unanticipated circumstances that may force the fight to be canceled. Garcia may have decided not to fight despite the likelihood that his test findings would favor him because of his current situation with the New York Commission.

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The already unstable world of professional boxing is further complicated by this uncertainty, which has Ryan’s fans anxiously anticipating new developments. If the fight gets canceled, Devin Haney will have to start searching for potential opponents.

Do you think the fight will still take place? Also, will Ryan win the lawsuit if he sues? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.


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