Senator’s Caucus urges to remove Dana White from UFC president

As the situation worsens, there’s a chance Dana White will be removed as UFC president soon. Although his wife, Anne, stated that White lost control during the incident but the Women’s Caucus is not so kind, interpreting the entire scenario as an attack on women’s rights. The drama began when the president slapped his wife in a nightclub on New Year’s Eve.

The timing couldn’t be better, as Vince McMahon, the former chairman of WWE, recently announced his return to the organization after resigning from it. However, his reinstallation could result in a lawsuit. On the other side, the current boss of the combat sport is also facing a possible lawsuit. According to leaked video footage, the UFC president slapped his wife on New Year’s Eve. This sparked the uproar about his forced removal from his position.

The California Legislative Women’s Caucus recently released a letter sent to Ari Emanuel, CEO of UFC’s parent company, Endeavor. Senator Nancy Skinner and Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar Curry signed the letter. At this point, the only goal of this organization is to depose Dana White as UFC president. 

In the letter, the political women’s advocacy group stated that “every day that Mr. White’s actions go unaccounted for, your silence becomes more piercing and troubling,” the Caucus wrote. “At this point, thousands of young men, women, and adults worldwide have seen the video of Mr. White striking his wife. We have also seen his apology. What we have not seen are any consequences for his actions. It is time to remove Mr. White from his leadership role, to allow him and his partner to get the help they need while reminding the world of what Endeavor stands for and that violence against women is not a conduct that you condone,” the letter concludes.

They also acknowledge that the 53-year-old is a huge inspiration figure for people of all ages all over the world, which is creating a negative impression and influence on those people. Before everything goes south, the Legislative Women’s Caucus believes they should address the issue as soon as possible by removing the big boss.



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