Shannon Sharpe to replace Pat McAfee on FanDuel following ‘Undisputed’ decamp

After bidding an emotional adieu to ‘Undisputed’ on Fox Sports 1 last week, Shannon Sharpe has confirmed that he will soon be back on sports TV. On Monday, he revealed in a tweet

“I’m enjoying my early morning workouts, late breakfast, and break from wearing a suit every morning… But just for a little while,” Sharpe said. “I’ll be back on (TV) in the mornings soon.”

Meanwhile, sources have indicated that the formal NFL tight end is in talks with Fan Duel to step into the vacant shoes of Pat McAfee

FanDuel to fill McAfee void following his ESPN move

Previously a co-host along with Skip Bayless, Sharpe is reportedly in his early rounds of negotiation with FanDuel’s platform. However, it is important to note that the legendary host has received multiple offers since his exit from ‘Undisputed‘. Naturally, the 53-year-old will have multiple options before him. 

Post Pat McAfee quitting to join hands with ESPN, his chair is void. This has led the company to look for talent elsewhere, landing on Shannon who coincidentally ended his 7-year stint with ‘Undisputed’.

Shannon Sharpe

Well known for splurging heaps to acquire talent, the betting operator is speculated to splash in quite the amount to rope in the former Colts player.

Sharpe teases his TV return

Shannon posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet regarding his Sports TV comeback. He wrote about his return to the screen “soon,” drawing more than a million views and 14.000 likes. 

Clearly, such a huge deal would be in the best interests of both Sharpe as well as the sports betting platform. It would also be a good idea for the Superbowl champion to include his Club Shay Shay podcast in deals.

Shannon Sharpe is sure to become a sensation in FanDuelT V as well as the FanDuel TV+ streaming app. The star had also given the platform a public shoutout on Instagram and even attended their Superbowl party as an acquaintance.

The franchise has signed many big names in the sports journalism arena in the past year alone, such as Kay Adams and Michelle Beadle. Reputed for maximizing their talents’ finances with several lucrative opportunities, Sharpe’s association with FanDuel is definitely going to be a delight to witness. 

There is no doubt that a brand-new signing is knocking at the door of  Shannon Sharpe. It is going to be a delight to watch the events unfold as the megastar joins a sports TV giant.

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