“Sign the Contract-it’ll be a great Father’s Day gift” Henry Cejudo calls out Aljamain Sterling following UFC Austin

Henry Cejudo is infamous for his trash talk and call outs. He is as good a comedian as he is a fighter, capturing two UFC championship belts in the Flyweight and Bantamweight divisions simultaneously! Having not fought since 2020, “Triple C” is coming back for his “sons” in the elite pile of the Bantamweight division.

Cejudo has been planning a comeback fight since April 2022. While that has not materialized as of yet, he is constantly trying to find an elite opponent to challenge and regain his former glory as UFC champion.

He has set his sights on the current Bantamweight champion, Aljamain “Funkmaster” Sterling, and believes this will be one of his easiest fights! Cejudo called Sterling out on Twitter while making jokes about his sub-par wrestling skills and bad boxing offense.

Cejudo compared Sterling’s stand-up to “Lieutenant Dan”, a crippled character from the famous motion picture Forest Gump. Cejudo is confident he can beat Aljamain in a fight and reclaim the titles he vacated during his retirement.

Here is the tweet where Cejudo called Aljamain Sterling out:

It seems that the UFC wants to make this fight happen and has already sent out contracts to the respective camps. The fate of this potential fight rests on Aljamain Sterling’s shoulders now and can only happen if he signs the contract!

In case Aljamain does come out and sign the contract, he will have a massive challenge on his hands in Cejudo! Many fighters have tried to stop Henry Cejudo throughout his dominant run with the UFC, but few succeeded! Will Aljamain Sterling be the first to do so?


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