Jake Paul challenges himself to become the ‘light heavyweight champion’ in ‘three years.’

Jake Paul has never been one to shy away from controversial claims, that is an integral part of who he is in the public eye. Paul is bratty, brash, and loud-mouthed! And he absolutely knows it! His popularity stems from constant “clout” chasing.

Most recently, Jake Paul made an absolutely outrageous claim on Twitter! “The Problem Child” believes he can become the boxing light heavyweight champion of the world in just 3 years! The claim is outlandish and frankly impossible! Because the light heavyweight division is currently stacked with undefeated champions and absolute killers!

Here is the tweet by Paul:

Jake’s sudden confidence came after watching former WBO light-heavyweight Joe Smith Jr. get decimated by Artur Beterbiev. Paul joked about Joe Smith’s abysmal performance and fancied his chances of becoming a light heavyweight champion.

But Jake must have forgotten that even the great Canelo Alvarez failed to capture the light heavyweight from current WBA super champion Dmitry Bivol! Canelo’s offense was utterly nullified by Bivol in their fight, Here are the highlights: 


The quality at the top of the light heavyweight division might just be too much for Paul to handle. So far, he has fought Youtubers and retired MMA professionals none of whom can hold a candle to LHW champions Dmitry Bivol and Artur Beterbiev.

If Jake does ever decide to challenge the undefeated kings of LHW boxing, he will have a real problem on his hands. The situation would be akin to biting off more than he can chew for the problem child.


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