Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha’s one massive bizarre demand to Warriors came as a shock to the reigning NBA champion

The phrase “ideal couple” is commonly used to describe Stephen and Ayesha Curry. Steph is one of our generation’s top athletes, while Ayesha is a well-known cookbook author, TV personality, and a businesswoman. The pair has openly discussed about their relationship as well as how they balance their personal and professional lives.

Ayesha occasionally makes it to Steph’s games, where she can watch him excel while his team is busy collecting trophies. She occasionally takes a break from rooting for her husband and indulges in a few drinks. However, she only visits the Warriors arena bar when the team is playing at home.

While Ayesha doesn’t carry a wallet with her, the Golden State Warriors deduct the cost of her drinks from her husband’s wages! It turns out that Ayesha doesn’t do it on purpose because she has a terrible habit of forgetting her wallet at home. “I always forget my wallet whenever I go,” she stated.

Additionally, there was this one time when the Golden State Warriors nearly lost a million dollars because of Ayesha. Mrs. Curry has some ideas for the Warriors, including a pub where drinks are served free of charge. According to Ayesha, everyone should be given the same privilege, and getting free drinks shouldn’t be just for Steph’s wife!

She said, “They give me free drinks now, so it’s all good, but everybody should get free drinks! It’d be a lot more interesting.” 

The Warriors would have lost millions of dollars if they had given her suggestion any thought and actually implemented it. Imagine that the NBA champions opens a bar where everyone gets free drinks! Then, they would have to provide free drinks to their 700,000+ spectators! Furthermore, the families of the players will be excited to receive some free drinks as well, so it won’t just be the fans who benefit from this!

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