Streamer N3on issues apology to Donald Trump and Dana White following UFC 296 ban over threats

N3on, aka Rangesh Mutama, was supposed to watch UFC 296 on December 17th, 2023, but something happened that got him in trouble, and he couldn’t step foot in T-Mobile Arena. The gamer plus streamer of 1v1’s gameplay is a popular personality among gaming and sports enthusiasts.

The 19-year-old already announced visiting the UFC 296 Arena to watch the whole action on Saturday night, where former US President Donald Trump came to support his favorite fighter, Colby Covington, and other sports personalities were witnessing the last main event of the year.

N3ON issues an apology to Donald Trump and Dana White.

UFC 296 was live on Saturday night, where Leon Edwards and Colby Covington collided in the main event. But the last event of 2023 witnessed many things that got the fans excited. One of the incidents was when streamer N3on got himself into trouble and found himself restrained from entering the UFC 296 hosting building. Dana White ordered the ban on the 19-year-old 1v1 gaming streamer, not allowing him to watch the action live.

After receiving the ban, N3on did come forward and apologize to UFC President Dana White, ex-US president Donald Trump, and the UFC for his actions that may have gotten the event in trouble.

Rangesh said, “I want to start by apologizing to the UFC, Donald Trump, and Dana White for everything I said. Actually, that night, when I said all of sh**, the problem was that I put the camera on and I blacked out, and I didn’t realize it. It hit me in the head that I’m doing too much, like too much.”

After realizing his mistake, N3on explained his extraordinary extroverted nature. “I talk too crazy, and I don’t even realize it, and I don’t try to go for the clip; I just say whatever the fu** I want, and now I feel like behind the screen I’m a person someone literally can come and shoot me in the head. But I don’t understand it.”.

Later, the 19-year-old’s manager came in front to apologize on behalf of the streamer.

Why was N3on banned from UFC 296?

What happened was that before entering the arena, N3on made an announcement that he didn’t care about the outcome. The popular streamer planned to watch the last pay-per-view of the year and was also looking to confront former US President Donald Trump.

After purchasing the ticket, he was at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. But security didn’t allow him to enter the arena. As soon as fans got to know about it, news spread everywhere, and one of the reporters asked Dana White to shed some light on the issue.

White explained the outside arena act. “What happened is that he said some stupid s**t on Instagram. And, you know, he bought tickets, so he wasn’t anywhere close when you start saying stupid s**t like that. Yeah, you’re probably going to get busted up and thrown out of here. You know, making threats and talking dumb s**t—looking for clout.”

This is not the only thing that caught White’s attention. Earlier, Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis got themselves involved in a brawl where Strickland was asked to leave the arena.

Dana White’s dealings with N3on are just a small example of how he didn’t want his pay-per-view event to get featured in something controversial. White has already set such examples many times before when he once asked his staff to make Johnnie Walker leave the arena as soon as possible after his fight at UFC 279, and he didn’t even get the chance to change his fighting gear as he had claimed.

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