‘The game was running late’ Dennis Rodman’s premeditated ejection by two rapid technical fouls sparks controversy

Dennis Rodman was undeniably one of the most outspoken and peculiar characters the NBA universe has ever seen. The Worm is renowned for his controversies on the court and the wild adventures he has had off the court. Although he was a party animal, he always gave his 100% on the court.

Rodman’s passion of gambling, came in the way of his NBA career during one of the Chicago Bulls’ preseason games in Las Vegas back in 1996. During that time, he purposefully got himself ejected from a game so he wouldn’t miss his dinner reservations. He unveiled and elucidated the entire event in his book “Walk on the Wild Side.”

The Bulls were in Las Vegas for the preseason. The Worm recalls how he couldn’t wait for the Jazz game to be over so he could spend time in Mirage drinking and gambling.

Rodman begged Phil Jackson to take him out of the game because he was so eager to start the night out. But after realizing that wasn’t going to happen, Rodman took matters into his own hands. Additionally, he committed two rapid technical fouls, which led to his dismissal from the match. He had dinner plans, so it was fortunate for him that he arrived in plenty of time to start the celebration.

He wrote, “I got a small taste of this during the 1996 preseason when we played an exhibition game in Vegas against the Utah Jazz. The team stayed at the Mirage, so you can imagine how that went. I was hoping Phil Jackson would let me sit out the game, so I could go nuts the night before, but it turned out I had to play.

“So I took care of business myself. I had already picked up one technical foul, and the game was running late, and I was worried we’d miss our 11 p.m. dinner reservations at Mikado’s, a restaurant inside the Mirage. So, as it happened, I picked up another “T” and was able to get the hell of there and start my party night right on time.” Rodman Added.

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