Tony Khan explains why he hasn’t updated the AEW weekly Power Rankings

The last time a weekly power ranking was updated was in late August. The President of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, shed some light on this hot topic of rankings.

As we all know, WWE’s biggest rival, AEW updates their power rankings on a weekly basis. However, the recent weekly power rankings were not updated. President Khan is receiving direct criticism from a huge number of fans for his lack of involvement. Futhermore, Khan shared his part of the story with ComicBook’s Connor Casey.

Casey interviewed Tony Khan and asked, if the concept of AEW’s ranking system is really dead? In response to that, he replied, “I haven’t updated it lately because I think so much has been fluid, coming out of the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions in particular”

He added, “It’s a fluid situation coming out of Grand Slam and I think now I’m reevaluating it and quite possibly I could bring them back soon, but certainly made a lot of changes for the better that led to our best ratings of the year in many ways because we really zoned in and have had, I think, a lot of our best shows in recent months.”

The AEW power ranking system was a unique entertainment option for all fans over the globe as it allows fans to talk about up and coming superstars and also engage everyone free to criticize. The fans are all waiting for the ranking system to return. Unlike AEW, WWE regularly updates their power rankings and posts “Top Moments.”


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