“There’s something wrong with me that I think made him uneasy” UFC Legend Frank Mir discloses shocking detail why Brock Lesnar backed down from much-hyped third bout

Former UFC champion Brock Lesnar and bitter rival UFC legend Frank Mir may have one more chance to settle their score, as per rumors floating around the UFC. Frank Mir recently revealed an unexpected reaction to the highly anticipated third fight which has been canceled due to Lesnar’s decision to pull himself out.

Considering Mir’s submission of a very green Lesnar in his UFC debut at UFC 81 and Lesnar’s absolute destruction of Mir in their rematch at UFC 100, this fight would settle the score.

However, Dana White and his team were confident that the fight would be a tremendous success, selling a large number of tickets and pay-per-views due to the anticipation of the rematch between the two fighters.

In a recent interview, Mir talked about his matches against Lesnar and was questioned about the possibility of competing against Lesnar once more, whether it be in an MMA fight or a staged spectacle at a pro-wrestling show.

Frank Mir revealed why a third bout with Brock Lesnar never occurred

Brock Lesnar engaged in intense rivalries with fighters like Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez throughout his time in the UFC.

In 2008, at UFC 81, they finally met in the octagon and battled it out. The man who put up his hand was Mir. Lesnar had Mir beat up for a minute before Mir got him in a kneebar. Mir was called “lucky” by Lesnar for the match-winning submit hold as he tapped and chuckled.

Against Mir, he made his first title defense. This time, though, a cunning capitulation would not prevail. Lesnar won by second-round TKO after dominating on the ground.

Mir revealed he would be ‘game’ for one more match but Lesnar didn’t want it. He commented, “Not on his radar, I guess. Just not that he wanted to do it. When you’re on the A-side, he’s a draw money-wise, he gets to make more of the calls. From what I was told, because of the way I responded after the second fight, he truly felt that I was a little off.” 

He continued, “I think in Lesnar’s mind, ‘how could you want to fight me again’? People don’t [want to see it], so there’s something wrong with [me] that I think made him uneasy.” 

After his bouts with Lesnar, Mir continued to compete in the UFC for an extra seven years. During that span, The Spider(Mir) convincingly defeated Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Roy Nelson, and Mirko. Nonetheless, in 2017, he parted ways with the organization and joined Bellator MMA.

A third fight between the two would have been an amazing box office draw for the UFC. Unfortunately for the fans, it appears that they will not be able to witness it. Not unless Mir decides to abandon ship and join WWE, because that is where Brock Lesnar is at the present and is comfortable with what he is doing.


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