Tyson Fury’s dad needs to relax” Dillian Whyte Takes a shot at The Gypsy King’s Father John Fury

At a press conference, Dillian Whyte and Tyson Fury’s father had a furious exchange! “Take it easy, old man,” Whyte said.

The press conference for the highly anticipated all British heavyweight clash “Fury vs Whyte” ended with a heated verbal exchange between “the body snatcher” Dillian Whyte and John Fury, Tyson’s father. Whyte accused the Fury patriarch of “trying to start something” and labeled him an idiot.

On the contrary, the usually brash Tyson seemed much more respectful and calmer in the conference which is highly uncharacteristic of him. Tyson even went as far as to berate his father and team for antagonizing Whyte during the fighter’s face-off.

Later in an interview with BT sports boxing, Dillian Whyte disapproved of John’s actions. “My guy is 600 years old and trying to step forward,” said Whyte in jest. Whyte revealed that he told John Fury to act like an adult and to stop screaming and shouting.

John and his sons (Tyson and Tommy) are infamous for their trash-talking, aggressive style. But Whyte wasn’t taking any of it. Although the rest of the press conference was full of respect from both sides, the fight is bound to be just the opposite with both Tyson and Dillian raring to go at each other!


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