UCL champ Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne once dropped bombshell confession of Idolizing Michael Owen as a Liverpool fan

Kevin De Bruyne is a player with great eyesight and seems to have the potential to turn the flow of a match all by himself. He is also often regarded as arguably the best midfielder of all time.

The Belgium international is an outstanding talent, with his touch, ball control, and defense-splitting passes he become the nightmare of many soccer giants. De Bruyne has always played a crucial role for his team whether it is for his club Manchester City or nation Belgium.

In recent days a video footage has gone viral where De Bruyne in his childhood days at Genk, confesses about his idol in soccer.  

Kevin De Bruyne’s Liverpool fan confession

Now the citizen’s midfielder started his childhood career at Genk Academy. From a very young age, he came under the eyes of many European giants. Once a reporter in Genk academic ground asked about his favorite club and idol in soccer.

During that time the Belgium star confessed he was a fan of the English club Liverpool and that his idol is Michael Owen. Michael Owen is one of the best players in both English soccer and the world.

The former Ballon d’Or winner was the inspiration of the Belgium midfielder. Therefore, in an interview little De Bruyne said he was a fan of Liverpool because his family who lived in England was also a supporter of Liverpool and he idolized Michael Owen because he was small and fast like the Englishman. 

Kevin De Bruyne

He also added that during that time he compare himself with Owen. De Bruyne also likes French legend Zinedine Zidane as well as Brazilian genius Ronaldinho. Despite being a supporter of Liverpool, Kevin never wore the Reds jersey. 

However, he played an important role in his childhood club’s rival Manchester City and was the reason for their headache. The Belgium star played 17 games against his childhood favorite club scoring 4 times and delivering 8 assists.   

He also appears in the list of best passers to play in the Premier League by his idol Michael Owen. 

At what age did De Bruyne start playing football?

One of the most skillful and outrageous stars of soccer, Kevin De Bruyne started playing the game just at the age of 4. He was born in a port city, Ghent in Belgium.

The Belgium international first stepped his foot on the pitch for a local club KVV Drongen. Even when he started he was very talented and as days passed he only became more qualified. At KVV Drongen he played for two years from 1997 to 1999. 

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