UFC champ Jon Jones upset as training partner faces a brutal KO defeat at PFL Play-offs

Jon Jones has been in the public eye more than ever since he teased that he might be leaving UFC and hanging his gloves permanently. Since his debut, he has been known to be a talented and entertaining fighter. Currently, he holds the title belt of the Heavyweight Division in the UFC.

It’s not that “Bones” does not have an off-the-Octagon presence. He appears in interviews, and podcasts, and was recently spotted at the ringside of a PFL match. Jones recently attended his fellow training partner, Maurice Greene’s semi-final match in PFL. We are going to delve more into the champ’s reaction after the results and what his training partner had to say about him.

Maurice Greene’s KO loss disheartens Jon Jones

Greene was initially eliminated after losing to Ante Delija but Maurice was the next best contender after third-placed Marcelo Nunes suffered an injury. Greene, aka “The Crochet Boss” was facing off against Renan Ferreira, aka the Brazilian “Problema”. Going into the fight, the American really believed that he had a fair chance of winning considering the hours he has spent training with the champ.

Jon Jones

But to the disappointment of both Maurice and Jon, in the very first round, some very strong and precise combos and a hammering right hand sent “The Crochet Boss” crashing. From a recent video released by PFL, the massive dejection was clearly visible on the champ’s face as he saw his training partner get knocked out. Renan came over and paid his respects by bowing to the champ right after that.

Jones acknowledged Ferreira but also could not get over the disappointment he was feeling. He was seen just silently leaning into his chair. The champ has always been a subject of praise in the UFC, receiving compliments from even the president of UFC himself. Seeing his friend and training partner lose in front of his eyes must have been quite a shock for him.

Greene attributes his career turnaround to training with Jon Jones

Very few people may know that Maurice has actually competed in the UFC professionally. Greene made his UFC debut in 2018 and went on a three-fight win streak. After that, the UFC journey got turbulent for him. He lost most of the fights he had after that and on May 11th of 2021, he announced that he was released from the UFC.

In a recent episode of the ‘MMA Junkie Radio’, “The Crochet Boss” was seen expressing his heartfelt gratitude towards “Bones”. Maurice spoke about how he was considering quitting MMA since he had no gym and could not find a pathway to get noticed in the MMA scenario again. That is when Jones invited him into his training camp.

“Jon Jones really was the catalyst behind getting it all together”, said the American fighter. He further said that he is “thankful to Jon for being a re-ignitor” of his career. He also added how Jon’s training camp is a tailored experience. It is not the same as any other gym, the things you learn in that camp are things “that you really can’t buy anywhere”.

After his defeat, things surely look gloomy once again. What do you think will be the outcome after this? Will “The Crochet Boss” stand back up again? What do you think Jones will do at this moment for his training partner? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.


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