UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal accuses Miami police of “preferential treatment” on Colby Covington assault charges

The animosity between Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal is not new to MMA fans. Masvidal has now added further spice to the situation by claiming that Miami cops favored Colby during their altercation last year outside the octagon.

When Gamebred and Chaos faced off in the octagon the previous year, there was a chance for them to make peace. On March 5, Colby and Jorge took on each other in UFC 272’s main event. But in a rather one-sided battle, Covington overcame Masvidal.

The BMF title winner, after losing against Gilbert Burns last week may have announced his retirement from mixed martial arts, but his long-running rivalry with Colby still persists.

After their UFC 272 match, the two American welterweight fighters got into a fight outside a restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida. Later, Covington accused Jorge of severe violence and criminal mischief as the the former interim welterweight champion had broken a tooth and sustained a brain injury during the altercation. 

What have Miami Police been accused of by Jorge Masvidal in relation to his altercation with Colby Covington?

Over a year after Colby and Jorge’s fight in Miami, Jorge is now blaming the Miami Police Station for failing to do their duty properly that evening. Masvidal lodged the accusations against the police through his attorney. Bradford Cohen, the attorney for Masvidal, released a formal statement on the subject.

“From our investigation and witness depositions it’s clear protocol was not followed that evening and Mr. Covington received preferential treatment. The people of Miami Beach that needed an officer that night, probably suffered due to over 15 officers responding to a misdemeanor offense.” said Cohen.

Masvidal will appear in court on May 10 for a pre-trial regarding the aforementioned charges brought by Covington. Until now, the veteran MMA fighter who holds the record for the fastest knockout in UFC has always refuted all allegations.

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