“I said it too much”: Gilbert Burns publicly apologizes to Jorge Masvidal after accusing him of cheating at UFC 287

Gilbert Burns uttered some derogatory remarks about Jorge Masvidal, his very last opponent in the octagon. Gamebred doesn’t seem to have taken the comments well, so Burns sent the recently retired UFC fighter a video apology after realising his mistakes.

Durinho and Gamebred squared off on April 8 at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida, as part of UFC 287’s co-main event. The Brazilian fighter defeated the local superstar to continue his winning streak.

What made Gilbert Burns apologize to Jorge Masvidal?

Even though Durinho defeated the Miami native with relatively little effort, he accused his 38-year-old opponent of using unfair tactics during the fight. As was to be expected, the BMF title winner attacked the Brazilian fighter and heated up their argument. Burns lately came back to his senses, and made a video apology for the former UFC fighter.

“I just would like to take the moment to apologize to Jorge ‘Gambred’ Masvidal and his team. The things that I said after the fight, on the press conference in the UFC 287. I said that he passed lotion and this and that, and I said it too much, and I cannot prove that. And I would like to send my apologies to Jorge and his team.” Burns said. 

After the match with Durinho, Gamebred announced his UFC retirement and eventually made the decision to hang up his gloves. The highly accomplished mixed martial artist has participated in Bellator, Strikeforce, Shark Fights, World Victory Road, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship during the course of his 20-year long MMA career. 

“I hope he accepts my apologies. And I think what I did was wrong. I have no proof that he did that and I wanna take nothing away from him. The guy is a warrior, 52 pro fights. I hope he have a good retirement and I hope he accepts my apology.” Burns added.

Verbal scuffles between two fighters are rather prevalent in combat sports. What makes the battle more interesting and enjoyable to witness for the audience are the heated verbal exchanges between the competitors before and after the fight. Yet, the Brazilian made a really admirable and kind gesture by apologising for his mistakes, which is quite uncommon in mixed martial arts.

Do you think the winner went too far accusing Masvidal of cheating accusations? Let us share your thoughts on Burns’ publicly apologizes to Jorge Masvidal.

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