UFC legend Michael Bisping scheduled to have surgery after fracturing his back in two places fears ‘Lifetime of pain and misery’ unless operation succeeds

Michael Bisping retired from an MMA competition five years ago; pursued a different career as a commentator and as an analyst; but the injuries he sustained in the octagon continue to linger a bit more resulting in the requirement of yet another operation on his back.

Since retiring from mixed martial arts, Bisping has struggled with a number of health issues, and now surgeries are continuously required due to the numerous injuries he sustained during his professional fighting career. In 2021, he underwent neck surgery and made a full recovery, only to begin experiencing pain again years later.

Michael Bisping after winning the title

Recently in a video, the UFC Hall of Famer confirmed that he will undergo another back operation. It is clear from Michael’s tweet that he is suffering from back pain and expresses a strong desire for relief.

“Alright, I’m back in the goddamn hospital again, this time because of my back, which is broken in two places, very painful as you can imagine,” said Bisping

The Count first competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2005 and fought for the last time in 2017. For the promotion over the course of his long career, he won 30 of 39 fights. The former World Middleweight Champion revealed specifics about the procedure he is undergoing and hopes this work this time.

“So, they’re doing a procedure, where they’re gonna fry the nerve, it’s called an ablation. I’ve had it once before, didn’t do anything, so fingers crossed this time it works, otherwise, it’s a lifetime of pain and misery. So, fingers crossed, take care.” Michael said.

“They enter through an incision in the front of my neck. Push all my throat and insides to one side to reveal my spine. Then they remove a disc, insert a titanium plate, screw in 4 screws and shave down some bone Spur in the spine and stitch me back up.” Michael further added.

In 2013, during a fight with Vitor Belfort, the now 43-year-old fighter suffered a severe eye injury that resulted in the detachment of his retina.


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