‘I Don’t Give a F**K’ Jake Paul slams Michael Bisping calling his podcast ‘Struggling’

The Twitter feud between celebrity boxer Jake Paul and UFC veteran Micheal Bisping continues! Jake Paul recently replied to Bisping’s tweet slamming his “struggling” podcast. Quoted saying ‘I Don’t Give a F**K’ 

The feud began after Paul recently mentioned Bisping in his “hit list” of potential celebrity boxing opponents. Bisping retaliated, questioning Paul’s choice of opponents so far (fighters below his weight class).

Paul then went on to threaten Bisping with a knockout and then offered him over a million dollars in pay-per-view money. Fans are waiting eagerly for this fight to happen but let’s see if Bisping can manage to get a boxing license with his missing eye.

Bisping’s snarky comeback about Paul not earning any respect from the fighting community prompted the “Problem Child” to post a video to Twitter, further adding fire to the ongoing social media feud. 

In classic “Jake Paul” fashion, he trolled the UFC legend and claimed that he made more money in three rounds of boxing than Bisping ever made in his entire career. Paul continued to berate Bisping and claimed his podcast was struggling. 

Paul has been on a mission to entice big-name fighters to face him in the ring, this feud with Bisping is the latest in his campaign! The feud will only heat up from here, as Bisping isn’t one to back down from a good old verbal brawl!


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