‘Damn…You Mad Sus Bro!!’ Israel Adesanya Reacts to His Viral Picture, Fan Claiming to Have ‘Jerked off the Champ’

Undisputed UFC middleweight king Israel “the last style bender” Adesanya has had a hilarious exchange with a fan on Twitter. Adesanya reacted to a photo posted by the fan in what seemed to be a party.

The fan’s caption read: “That time I jerked off the champ”, to which Israel retweeted and claimed that the fan was “Mad Sus” referring to the man being a suspected homosexual. 

The Twitter back and forth: 

In the picture, the fan was holding a cup of alcohol in one hand and was making a suggestive gesture with the other toward Israel Adesanya who seemed to be oblivious to the fact!

The fan did this intentionally to get internet clout and clout he did get! The middleweight champ himself re-tweeted the troll’s tweet and said that the man’s activities were sus!

Funnily, Israel Adesanya is sometimes called “sus” by the MMA fans due to his own suggestive and bi-sexual antics both in and outside the octagon!

Adesanya once humped his opponent Paulo Costa after defeating him! Here’s the clip:


Some major questions were raised about Israel Adensaya’s sexual orientation! The grabbing of Marvin Vettori’s posterior in the next fight did not help Izzy clear his name either!

For Israel Adesanya to call a fan “sus” is one the biggest ironies ever! But the Twitter exchange was clearly very light-hearted and done in jest. Adesanya himself is known for being one of the biggest trolls in the fight game today!


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