“I Was Not Comfortable on Camera” Logan Paul Makes Brutally Honest Confession about His Shortcomings in Life

YouTuber Logan Paul said on the Impaulsive podcast that he was not as comfortable in front of the camera as he is now.

Logan Paul is a household name these days. His presence on YouTube is huge, he has a very popular podcast, and he has also fought Floyd Mayweather. But with popularity comes the need to be ever present in front of the media. Whether it is a normal photoshoot, or a press conference, staying calm in front of the camera is very crucial.

But on Implausive, Logan has opened up about how that was not the case always. “It takes years to have the right people around you, to build the right infrastructure, and to accomplish the thing that you wanna do.  You got to work towards your craft. I was stale in front of the camera for a majority of my career. If you look at the video of me going to the wrestling state premiers, you will see that I was very uncomfortable in front of the camera. But after I kept on doing it again and again, I started to breeze past it.  Ten years in, and I don’t feel that uncomfortable feeling anymore.”

Logan has surely gotten over those obstacles as he has grown to become a global phenomenon. With his foot in so many ventures, he is indeed a very successful man.

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