‘He’s Just a F**King A**Hole’ Logan Paul Will Drag ‘Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’ to Prison

One of the most talked about fights of 2021 was between YouTuber Logan Paul and legendary boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather. They could be meeting again, but this time, inside courtroom.

As per Logan Paul, he is yet to be paid the full amount that is due for fighting Mayweather. Despite the fight taking place almost a year ago, Logan is frustrated by the fact that he hasn’t been paid anymore.

“No, he has not paid me in full, that is a fact as he is short by a few million”, Logan said in an interview with TMZ earlier in the week,” We’re taking this one to court. See you in the courtroom. Congrats on going to prison, Floyd.”

This is not the first time that Logan has called out Floyd for not paying him the due amount. In an interview with DAZN in March, he said, “Surely I was going to get my check fairly quickly, right? I’m sure it’ll come eventually, right? Then I realized ‘Ok, I’m being strung along’.

“This is a classic ‘Hey, buddy, you’re the new guy in this industry, we’re gonna puppeteer you however we want with your money so hop on for the ride and shut up’. But, instead of shutting up, I make fun of him on social media and let everyone know that he doesn’t have any money.”

Logan, who is the brother of controversial YouTube boxer Jake Paul, also added, “I kind of joke. I’m facetious, and I point the finger at Floyd. But I don’t know if it’s his fault. Maybe a little bit, right?”

“But something tells me Floyd doesn’t control where the money goes. Or maybe he does and he’s just a f**king a**hole. There’s an opportunity cost with me when I don’t have fees that are rightfully mine.”

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