Logan Paul Shows Concern for Amber Heard after the ‘Whole World Knowing’ She ‘SH*T on Johnny Depp’s Bed’

Logan Paul has raised his concerns about Amber Heard following the revelations that were made during her trial against Johnny Depp.

YouTuber Logan Paul, who is the host of Impaulsive Podcast, brings on a variety of guests to his show. While there is no specific criterion that guests have to adhere to, the people he brings on are usually very entertaining. But on the latest episode of the show, it was just Logan and his usual crew- George and Mike.

They were talking about a variety of topics- mostly current affairs. One such topic was the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial. The Depp and Heard trial has been a topic of discussion for a good while now. Various aspects of domestic violence have been brought in front of the people.

One such controversial topic during the trail was Amber excreting on Johnny’s bed right after an altercation. This incident has caused a huge sensation all over the internet, and people can’t seem to get enough of it. Logan, who is also a boxer, also voiced his opinion on the matter. After talking about certain aspects of the trial, Logan said, “Here is my genuine question. I don’t know the details of the trial, and domestic violence aside, how do you come back from the whole world knowing that you’ve sh*t on Johnny Depp’s bed?”

Paul raises a genuine question. With so many accusations about emotional, and physical abuse against someone, something as gross as excreting on her ex-husband’s bed isn’t gonna help repair her image. It will be interesting to see who walks out with the demurrage at the end of the trial.

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