UFC president Dana White scoffs rumours of him being pissed at Conor MacGregor’s appearance at BKFC: “The guy is out having fun and it’s all good”

Conor McGregor seemed to have a blast when he unexpectedly showed up at the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship last week. And did that annoy Dana White? Conor’s attendance at BKFC didn’t bother the UFC president at all, he assured in a recent interview.

After the main event battle between former UFC fighters Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold, The Notorious got called out and entered the ring, shocking pretty much everyone in the arena. Earlier, the two American mixed martial artists resolved their conflict in the evening’s main event at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield, Colorado.

What did Dana White have to say about Conor McGregor’s appearance at BKFC? 

In the latter half of this year, Conor is scheduled to face Michael Chandler. Prior to his rematch, the Irishman has not yet signed up for USADA’s drug testing pool. Conor’s participation in a rival MMA promotion may have offended the UFC president as a result. But Dana made sure he wasn’t irritated in an interview with Barstool Sports. 

“I think Conor went out and was having fun and got caught up in the moment. The dude called him into the ring. You know, he did it. I also saw him pounding a bottle of Proper (No.) Twelve. I’m sure that had something to do with it, too.” said Dana. 

Even though ‘Mystic Mac’ was a guest, it seemed like he was almost prepared to take on Mike, the victor of the main event. But in actuality, the two were just joking around while McGregor was wearing a championship belt. After devoting so much of his time to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Dana believes the UFC superstar was simply enjoying his time there 

“Listen, man. At the end of the day, Conor has done a lot here. He’s made a lot of money. The guy is out having fun and it’s all good. Not at all (was I bothered). Not even a little bit.” Dana added.

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