UFC president Dana White throws Logan Paul, Arnold Schwarzenegger under bus with “selective outrage” remark ahead of Power Slap season finale

Dana White has taken the combat sports world by storm, and he is not showing any signs to stop soon. However, he has been facing a myriad of criticisms for his new event “Power Slap: Road to the title.” He even took a dig at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul to fend off all those outbursts, touting them as “selectively outrage.”

What did Dana White mean by “selective outrage”?

While the term “selective outrage” may sound perplexing to some, it is not unfamiliar to those who are up to speed with Chris Rock’s recent Netflix live, which later turned into a special. Chris Rock addressed a lot of burning issues, involving that infamous slap from Will Smith at the Oscars.

It seems that Dana took Chris Rock’s message to his heart. He, thus, went on to smack a verbal slap back to the fans who are clamoring over his event. White went on to further elucidate why he chose this term to aptly describe the scenario.

Dana White
ulia Kruzer vs Adrianna Flychanelle at the Slap Fighting Championships held during the Arnold Sports Festival in the Columbus Convention Center on March 2022. (Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images)

Dana White is specifically bothered about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul hosting the same slap event without facing any backlash. This duo arranged a slap-fighting event last March at Arnold’s sports festival. The UFC president pointed out how they conducted the event without performing any tests on the involved athletes, and in an unregulated manner.

White finds it baffling that they still did not face any criticism, neither from the crowds nor from the critiques. And now, out of the blue, people are going berserk over the same thing Dana is trying to do – and that too imposing ‘appropriate’ regulations.

Dana White
Jake Paul and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Why did Dana White throw shade at Logan Paul?

Maybe that is what the outrage is about. White however remains unfazed as he fails to understand the extent of it. He brought up Logan Paul’s reasoning behind arranging that slap fight event. In events leading up to that championship, Paul claimed that he just loved the “absurdity” of it – two persons facing off, just to smack the life out of each other, in a very sporting manner.

Something that Paul refuses to call a sport, and yet goes on to arrange a sporting event based on that without facing the wrath of fans seems dubious – at least, to Dana White. This is why he referred to it as “selective outrage”, giving a shout-out to Chris Rock for coming up with the term.


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