“UFC versus USADA”: UFC legend anticipates immense showdown following Joe Rogan backing Conor McGregor amid USADA scandal

The current rehabilitation experience of former UFC two-time champ Conor McGregor has been creating ripples in the MMA realm. McGregor’s tremendous physical metamorphosis following his recovery from a severe leg injury suffered at UFC 264 has piqued the interest of many, including UFC analyst and podcast host Joe Rogan.

Rogan, 55, shared his perspective on McGregor’s recovery and addressed the controversy surrounding the Irishman’s clash with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). This caught the attention of another former fighter and UFC legend who weighed in on the topic, offering an intriguing take and even predicting potential drama between McGregor, USADA, or even the UFC itself.

Conor McGregor

UFC Legend Chael Sonnen Addresses Rogan’s Comments on Conor McGregor

In one of his YouTube videos, Chael Sonnen referred to Rogan’s support for McGregor based on his earlier comments. Rogan had speculated that McGregor may have taken performance-enhancing substances during his recovery from the leg injury, and Sonnen highlighted Rogan’s viewpoint.

“Joe Rogan said, ‘look I don’t know Conor took anything, but he did leave the sport, left the pool, and got big and jacked while healing the leg’. Joe said if I was in Conor’s spot, I most definitely would have taken things,” explained Sonnen.

Using Rogan’s perspective as a basis, Sonnen went on to predict potential drama in the world of MMA.

“But I’m only bringing this to you because this is the fight that is percolating behind the scenes,” he said.

Sonnen may have felt compelled to share this take on the controversy because McGregor had previously dismissed USADA’s policies. Sonnen even suggested that a clash could occur between McGregor or the UFC and USADA.

“It is going to come down to McGregor versus USADA or it’s going to come down to the UFC versus USADA,” he said.

Time Will Tell: McGregor vs. USADA Showdown Looms as UFC Commentator Rogan Supports Fighter’s Recovery Protocol

It very well remains to be seen if Sonnen’s forecast comes true. McGregor’s superstar status and the potential impact on fans and the promotion could lead to conflict between the UFC and USADA, as suggested by Sonnen.

Rogan’s support for McGregor’s recovery protocol also reflects the sentiment of many fans, as he had explained how enhancements may be necessary for a complete recovery.

“You’re not going to heal off that just eating mangos and f*****g eating clean. You need some help. I would want that person to take something,” Rogan stated.

Ultimately, the outcome may depend on how USADA approaches the situation. With notable personalities like Rogan backing McGregor, could a showdown as predicted by Sonnen be on the horizon? Only time will tell.

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