Why draft prospect Will Levis drinks coffee with mayo? Kentucky QB explained how the viral beverage mixture originated

Will Levis, the NFL star, has been making waves in the media for his bizarre coffee habits. Many were left wondering why he would choose to mix mayo with his coffee instead of the usual sugar and cream. However, Levis has finally come forward to explain the origins of this viral beverage mixture.

Confirmation that he drinks his coffee with mayonnaise has been caught on video, dispelling any doubts that it was a mere rumor. 

Besides the unconventional coffee preference, the quarterback reportedly consumes bananas with the skin intact and is said to have an intense aversion to milk. The surfaced video exhibits the former Penn State and Kentucky standout sipping a cup of coffee mixed with mayo. You can watch the video right below;

Last summer, Levis caused a stir by incorporating mayonnaise into his coffee instead of the typical cream or sugar. 

What is the story behind Will Levis weird coffee-mayo combo?

Will Levis

At the NFL scouting combines, the former Kentucky quarterback clarified that it was just a joke that got out of hand on social media. Levis recounted that one Friday, he and his girlfriend were at breakfast and found no cream or sugar on the table. There was only a bottle of mayo. 

They joked about whether it was a suitable addition to coffee. And the quarterback decided to give it a try. He expected it to be amusing to his friends. But he never anticipated the widespread attention that followed. 

“It was a Friday before a game, me and my girlfriend were at breakfast, we got our coffees and there was no cream, no sugar on the table, just a bottle of mayo,” he said. “She made the kind of funny joke ‘Do you think people are supposed to put this in their coffee?’ And I was like, ‘Maybe, let’s try it out.’”

The combination didn’t taste terrible. But the quarterback emphasized that it was a one-time experiment that he hadn’t done again without being prompted.

The Kentucky QB clarified that he prefers almond milk and stevia in his actual coffee order. While he became well-known as the mayonnaise-coffee guy, he was merely joining in on the joke.

In the end, the mystery of why the quarterback drinks coffee with mayo has been solved. What began as a playful experiment turned into a viral sensation that has earned him a unique reputation. 

While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, or coffee in this case, Levis’s boldness and willingness to try something new is admirable. So, the next time you find yourself without cream or sugar, maybe give the mayo a chance, you never know what you might discover.

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