Victor Wembanyama agent warns him against gaining weight after extremely disappointing NBA summer league debut

Victor Wembanyama seems to have all the skills necessary to continue to be a reputable NBA superstar for many years to come. Yet, if he has one drawback if the grapevine is to be believed, it’s his weight—or lack thereof.

The Frenchman believes that people should “skinny up,” yet he is unconcerned about his detractors. According to Victor’s manager Bouna Ndiaye, the No. 1 overall choice of the San Antonio Spurs, “Wemby” is not particularly interested in working out to bulk up his thin body.

Victor Wembanyama’s agent  cautions him against gaining weight

Ndiaye said he believed Wembanyama would make a “big mistake” if he added weight in an interview with NBA expert Marc J. Spears. “Did you see an issue here in Vegas? No. People are wrong. We’re not focused at all on weights. I don’t want to put weight on his body,” stated Ndiaye.

“We’re going to fight to not put weight on his body. Weight on his body [is] a big mistake. We focus on strength, core. We were very pleased that he linked up [with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar] who played until [41] years old. That’s the path that we want to take. ‘I’m very glad they connected because they have a similar body type. Kareem was not heavy.”

“Victor is more mobile, gaudier and taller than Kareem,” he followed up with. “So, that difference in height is a challenge and is something that we are working on every day. Making him heavy? We don’t want to do that.”

Wembanyama’s performances in his two summer league games produced a very mixed bag of results; although his second game demonstrated the dominance many anticipated from the 19-year-old, his first game had watchers worried that he would become yet another overhyped bust. 

Victor Wembanyama claims he was clueless at the NBA Summer League

After 27 minutes of play in his first game of the NBA Summer League 2023, Victor Wembanyama had nine points on 2-13 shooting, five blocks, eight rebounds, three turnovers, and three assists. “Honestly, I didn’t really know what I was doing on the court today, but I’m going to learn for the next game and be ready for the season,” after the incredibly poor summer debut, he commented.

Prior to being put on hold by the team for the remainder of the summer, he rebounded to score just 27 points and 12 rebounds in his second game. Victor Wembanyama’s next game won’t be until the preseason, so Spurs supporters will have to wait.

Victor Wembanyama

In addition, the big Frenchman said he intended to “hide” until the start of the season because of the intense media scrutiny he had to endure in the run-up to the draft and after the recent incident involving the “Pop Princess” Britney Spears and his security personnel.

Though, detractors of Victor Wembanyama do contend that without putting on significant muscle, he would never be able to recognize his magnetic potential to surpass Abdul-Jabbar as an all-time great.

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