Watch: Cristiano Ronaldo narrowly escapes injury as Al-Nassr star nearly taken out by obsessive pitch intruder slid dangerously close to him

Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo was nearly tackled by an overexcited pitch invader when he slid across Ronaldo. He avoided a major injury as these types of tackles can end soccer players’ careers. 

The Portuguese soccer star was in his final pre-game warmup ahead of a Saudi Pro League match against Al Taawoun. It was then that the pitch invader ran toward Ronaldo. With two stewards chasing the pitch invader, Ronaldo moved away swiftly at the last moment when the supporter slipped at a dangerous moment which could have taken Ronaldo off his feet. He was quickly apprehended by the stewards that were chasing him. Ronaldo was seen being befuddled and a bit surprised at the strange event as the pitch invader was taken away by the stewards.

A video showing how close he reached to Ronaldo, had a caption, “‘Was he intentionally injuring Cristiano Ronaldo?!”

Another video with closer footage with the caption, “A reckless behavior. A fan almost injured Cristiano Ronaldo before a match.”

It seemed the pitch invader wasn’t really trying to harm Ronaldo and just wanted the opportunity to meet the star. Nevertheless, Ronaldo is common to these types of surprises on the pitch. Back in Europe, at Juventus Ronaldo even shouted at a fan when the fan ran on the pitch to take a selfie and aggressively grabbed Ronaldo’s shoulder.

In the recent 2022 Qatar World Cup, as Ronaldo was leaving the pitch in tears after being knocked out of what was potentially his last World Cup, stewards intercepted a child who tried to take a photo with Ronaldo.

As the biggest name to play in the Saudi Pro League, Ronaldo has had fans and media chasing him since his arrival in the Arab nation last month. In his first press conference, a journalist shouted the Portuguese’s iconic ‘Siuuu’ celebration at him causing the star to feel a bit surprised and awkward.

Al Nassr did win their match against Al Taawoun 2-1, with goals from Abdulrahman Ghareeb and Abdullah Madu. Both were assisted beautifully by Ronaldo who was definitely happy after the victory putting them top of the league.

His Instagram post regarding the victory read, ‘Top of the league and three important points! Great teamwork!’ 

In the previous match, Ronaldo scored a sensational poker resulting in a 4-0 victory against Al Wehda. They now face Damac next on February 25.


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