Watch: UFC lightweight Paddy Pimblett brutally beat up internet troll in sparring session

Paddy Pimblett made a shocking offer to an internet troll and ended up beating him up in a sparring session. UFC fighters inviting trash talkers to fight them in real life is becoming a thing these days, and Paddy has just joined the trend by doing the same.

Paddy has been a consistent performer in the octagon since his UFC debut. In fifteen months, he fought four times and won all four. His most recent victory created a big controversy when he defeated Jared Gordon in the UFC282 just three weeks ago. He beat Jordan Leavitt, Kazula Vargas, and Luigi Vendramini before Gordon.

Paddy The Baddy’s success in the octagon grew, and so did the number of his adversaries. It has always been a common pattern for combat athletes to have a large number of critics from the viewers. They can now trash-talk an athlete more freely than ever before thanks to social media. Previously, Kevin Holland and Sean Strickland did the same thing, inviting internet trolls to a fight.

Paddy recently encountered an internet troll who made derogatory remarks about him in one of his Instagram posts. Paddy took advantage of the chance to teach the troll a lesson by offering him a sparring session in his gym in Liverpool. Pimblett’s €500 offer to that random follower had only one condition: he had to survive unlimited sparring rounds without quitting.

The troll actually showed up at Paddy’s gym and attempted to spar with the UFC fighter. However, Paddy dominated the session as expected, and the troll had no chance against him. After all, the Baddy wasn’t so bad with the troll. He shared his own equipment, taught him a trick or two, chatted with him, and then handed him a large sum of money so that he could have a good meal somewhere in Liverpool.

Paddy is currently preparing for his next fight, which will most likely take place at UFC286. He’s having a great time until then.


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