Gervonta Davis’ girlfriend retracts domestic violation charges claims the boxer ‘Did not harm’ her

The police have finally released Gervonta Davis, who was earlier this week accused of domestic violence. Later, the woman who initially accused Davis of harming her and her children by contacting 911 recanted her accusation.

In a formal complaint, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office stated that a woman accused Davis of smacking the right side of her head with a “closed hand type slap.” Davis and the woman’s relationship wasn’t confirmed until they made it clear. The boxer addressed the woman as the mother of her daughter. Davis, though, has repeatedly denied all of the allegations made against him.

The mother of the 28-year-old boxer’s daughter recently issued a separate statement in which she stated that no one was wounded. She expressed remorse for making an impulsive call to the police, something she should not have done in the first place.

“These past few days have been hurtful and extremely exhausting for all parties involved. I pride myself on being extremely private; this situation was the last thing I wanted to be made public. The state of our relationship has been in a fragile space and Gervonta and I were both at fault for the argument.” the woman shared in her new statement.

The woman, whose name has not been released to the public, has suffered an injury to her face. Despite opposing what she stated earlier, she believes that from now on, she and Davis will be able to care and raise their child as parents.

“While the emotions were running high I made an unnecessary call to law enforcement in an intense moment while I was frantic. Gervonta did not harm me or our daughter. Today, we have sought the help necessary to move forward with our lives. I am confident that we will succeed within our co-parenting dynamic with the counseling provided to us.” the woman added.

Earlier, 911 received a call from Davis’s suspected girlfriend. The recorded call revealed that she was screaming, “Please help me; I need help, please. I’m trying to go home, I have a baby in the car and attacked me. … He’s going to kill me.”

Following a court hearing in which bail was set at $1,000, the lightweight boxer was released on Wednesday afternoon.


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