Cristiano Ronaldo, MBappe, Neymar pays tribute Legend Pelé but Messi’s controversial message sparks uproar among Brazilians

Pele, the legendary soccer player, passed away at the age of 82 due to colon cancer, leaving the entire world in mourning. Football fans and players from around the globe including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Lionel Messi are in utter despair.

Pele was regarded as a football icon by the majority of players, and some began their careers trusting him as their idol.

With the passage of time, Pele has passed away, but his legacy will endure, as will the fan moments for the stars who are currently dominating the sport.

After the death of “O Rio” became public, Cristiano Ronaldo posted on Instagram,

“My deep condolences to all of Brazil, and in particular to the family of Edson Arantes do Nascimento. A mere ‘goodbye’ to the eternal King Pelé will never be enough to express the pain that the entire football world is currently embracing. An inspiration to so many millions, a reference yesterday, today and forever. The love you always showed me was reciprocated in every moment we shared even from distance. He will never be forgotten and his memory will live forever in each and every one of us football lovers. Rest in peace King Pelé.”

Cristiano Ronaldo tribute Pele
Cristiano Ronaldo is sad with Pele departing.

Neymar is also deeply saddened by the departure of his idol, and he bade the three-time World Cup champions an emotional farewell.

“Before Pelé, 10 was just a number. I’ve read this phrase somewhere, at some point in my life. But this sentence, beautiful, is incomplete. I would say before Pelé football was just a sport. Pelé has changed it all. He turned football into art, into entertainment He gave voice to the poor, to the blacks and especially: He gave visibility to Brazil. Soccer and Brazil have raised their status thanks to the King! He’s gone but his magic remains. Pelé is FOREVER!!’- Neymar posted.

Neymar Pele
Neymar showed his tribute to The King.

Messi’s lack of eloquence in expressing his condolences for the deceased king sparked the anger of supporters all over the world, particularly Brazilians.

Messi posted on Pele’s death.

Prior to this occurrence, Pele was ecstatic for Messi as he won the World Cup for Argentina by defeating France in the final, and he updated a lengthy post of admiration on his Official Twitter account.

Messi is subjected to online abuse as a result of the fact that fans are divided in their opinions on the circumstance.

Lionel Messi paid tribute to the individual, but it did not go well. His next reaction regarding the situation will be a matter to follow.


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