“Welcome to boxing boys”: UFC president Dana White unable to stop smirking over Oleksandr Usyk vs Tyson Fury fight obstacles

Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk have been preparing for their highly anticipated heavyweight matchup for the past four months. Dana White used this as an opportunity to disparage boxing as a sport for being able to expeditiously finalize bouts.

Although the fight between Fury and Usyk is scheduled for April 29, there are still a lot of technicalities that need to be worked out. The bout is still uncertain because neither the British boxer nor the Ukrainian boxer’s side has signed a contract paper.

What did Dana White say about the fight?

Even though the fight on April 29 is just five weeks away, neither Usyk nor Fury is certain that they will actually fight in the ring. The UFC president shares the same disappointment about the delay as many regular boxing fans. In a recent press conference, Dana talked about this frustrating issue about boxing. 

“Welcome to boxing boys! I mean, is it shocking? Yes! Is it shocking? No! It’s just, that is boxing. It’s the way that sport always seems to play out.” White said. 


Dana asserts that his MMA organization was not planned to be as dismal as boxing. Boxing is a sport where a big fight is uncertain until the very last second, but The Ultimate Fighting Championship, claims the MMA tycoon, is not like that.

“The big fights that should happen never do, and when they do it’s always late. That’s the stuff that used to drive me crazy as a fan and it’s literally part of how I designed this company not to be.” White added.

The Gypsy Cat made a last-minute offer to make the bout happen only provided he receives a 70-30 split. The two parties are still negotiating on this issue as of right now. Recently, the fight location was changed from Saudi Arabia to Wembley Stadium in London.

Do you concur with Dana’s observation that a fight in boxing always takes a long time to materialize?

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