What type of brain disease Josiah Harrell has? Revealing the dreaded syndrome of “Muscle Hamster”

Regrettably, Josiah Harrell, who had been eagerly anticipating his upcoming match against Jack Della Maddalena in the octagon this week, has received devastating news. 

The Muscle Hamster has been diagnosed with a brain disease, which casts a shadow of uncertainty over his fighting career and raises concerns about his overall well-being.

Jack Della Maddalena vs Josiah Harrell called off following alarming MRI reports

According to Maurice Blancoe, Josiah Harrell’s manager, a rare brain disease has been identified through the pre-fight MRI scan, necessitating surgical intervention for the young fighter.

Maurice Blanco, the manager of the 24-year-old fighter, stated that the pre-fight brain MRI conducted for UFC290 may have been a life-saving cause for Harrell. Blanco also clarified that Josiah has been diagnosed with moyamoya syndrome, a rare condition that leads to blocked arteries at the base of the brain.

As a result, Harrell is now scheduled to undergo a brain procedure in the near future. This unexpected diagnosis puts Josiah’s future in the octagon in jeopardy, as brain diseases often require extensive medical attention and can have long-lasting effects.

For the ‘undefeated’ fighter, this diagnosis represents a significant setback in his career aspirations. The uncertainty surrounding Josiah’s health condition and the potential implications on his MMA abilities will undoubtedly weigh heavily. 

Harrell replaced Sean Brady for UFC 290 bout

The scheduled bout between Jack Della Maddalena and Sean Brady at UFC 290 underwent a series of changes. Initially, Sean Brady was forced to withdraw from the fight due to an injury. As a result, Josiah Harrell was called in as a last-minute replacement.

However, it has now been confirmed that Jack Della Maddalena has also chosen not to participate in the fight. The withdrawal of Maddalena from the fight has left MMA fans disappointed, as they will be deprived of an anticipated clash in the welterweight

Do you think Josiah Harrell will be able to fight back and return to the octagon? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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