Who won most consecutive F1 races? Revealing the top 5 list brimming with legends following Max Verstappen’s 4th consecutive GP win

Being good is nice but being consistently good is a whole other ball game. As we witnessed Max Verstappen clinching his 4th consecutive win of the season, let us take a look at which driver in the past has had the Most Consecutive F1 win in history.

This record comes at a cost which is fans considering yourself and your team overpowering and dominant. However, legends like Vettel, and Schumacher never got hated on for their retaining their Most Consecutive F1 win record.

Max Verstappen is one win away from emulating his most consecutive streak of wins

Max started the 2023 season with a win but could not keep it up as his teammate Sergio Perez won the second and fourth races of the season. Verstappen has so far won 6 races out of 8 races in total;

  1. Bahrain GP
  2. Australian GP
  3. Miami GP 
  4. Monaco GP
  5. Spanish GP
  6. Canadian GP 

All that has been changed as Max Verstappen is on a hot streak where he has won the past 4 races ranging from Miami 23 – Canada 23. He has led a total of 224 laps and is one of the highest in the category of “Most Consec. Laps Led During Streak Run” category.

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Checo fans are praying for a comeback and to break the monotonous victory streak that has been observed by the Red Bull primary driver, Max Verstappen. Checo is the underdog in this scenario and would be the only one if anyone can who can break Max Verstappen’s “Most Consecutive F1 win” record. 

Top 5 most consecutive F1 wins

  • Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel leads the table with 9 consecutive race wins during his championship season in 2013 (Belgium 13 – Brazil 13). Vettel achieved this feat while he was in his dream car for Red Bull and with three championships under his belt. 

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  • Alberto Ascari

Alberto Ascari has 7 consecutive race wins under his belt. Alberto Ascari raced for Ferrari and was a household name in the F1 circuits.

  • Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg achieved 7 consecutive wins as part of the Mercedes team when he was stuck in a championship battle with Lewis Hamilton. 

  • Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher, with his 7 and 6 consecutive wins respectively occupies the 4th and 5th place. These accolades were achieved when he was racing for Ferrari and looked seemingly unstoppable. He has 7 championships under his belt. 

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It takes more than skill to achieve this prestigious record. It takes reliability, consistency, and determination to emerge victorious in races held in all parts of the world.

This also has a direct correlation with who wins the World Championship as each of these drivers, including Rosberg in ’16, won the F1 drivers crown in the season covering their podium dominance.

With young and upcoming drivers in the paddock, there are chances to see new faces standing on the podium securing records. However, it would likely not be any time soon as Max Verstappen looks to be in his best form. 

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