who’s Alexander Volkanovski wife? meet the family & kids

Alexander Volkanovski is the current UFC featherweight Champion and one of the greatest  fighters in the world. He is currently undefeated in the UFC and has an MMA record of 25 wins and only one loss. Volkanovski is expected to square off his arch rival, Max Holloway at UFC 276 to settle their rivalry once and for all.

If Volk can defeat Holloway for the third-time-heave, he will undoubtedly become the greatest featherweight champion in history. Alexander Volkanovski’s huge fan base are left curious about the people behind his success. Who else can play the vital role in a man’s success other than his beautiful and caring wife. Let’s explore Alexander Volkanovski’s wife and their relationship.

Who is Alexander Volkanovski wife Emma Volkanovski?


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Emma Volkanovski is the celebrity wife of Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski. Emma is an Instagram model and influencer and met Alexander more than a decade ago. She is also the mother of Volkanovski’s two children.

Emma Volkanovski is a graduate in Physiology from the University of Sydney. She completed her studies before meeting Alexander. She is very well known for her looks and for being taller than her husband. Their height difference has been the subject of online memes in the MMA community.

But Emma Volkanovski is an independent woman despite being married to a very famous fighter and has made her own career regardless of her husband’s success.

Emma and Alex can be seen together out in public and also on social media posts where they look to be a happy family without any controversies.

Emma visits all of Alexander’s fights and helps promote them online through her influence. Their marriage has lasted for so long for these particular reasons.

Is Alexander Volkanovski and Emma truly Married?

Yes, Alexander Volkanovski and his wife Emma Volkanovski are married. They tied the Knot back in 2015 and have been living happily in Australia.

Alex and Emma dated for quite a while before settling down to have a family together. After 7 years of marriage the couple are blessed with two girls. Volkanovski has stated numerous times that his wife and children act as motivations to his success.

Meet the couples’ children

Alexander Volkanovski wife

The Volkanovski couple have been blessed with two daughters named Ariana and Arlie. The older daughter is 7 years old and the youngest is 5. 

The young children are often seen online with the power couple. It seems as though the children are very much loved by Alexander Volkanovski and his wife Emma.


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