Who’s Sean O’Malley girlfriend Danya Gonzalez? explore their dating life

Sean O’Malley, known as sugar, is without a doubt one of the best MMA fighters in the world right now. Sugar is currently competing in the bantamweight division of the UFC, holding the 13th ranking in that category.

He has had a meteoric rise in his UFC career, not for his incredible fighting abilities but for his charisma as well. Unlike MMA fighters like middleweight champ Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier, he is very open about his private life and his relationship with Danya Gonzalez.

Let’s explore Sean O’Malley’s girlfriend and their build up of a romantic relationship.

Who is Danya Gonzalez?

Danya Gonzalez was born in 1991 and is currently 31 years of age, which implies Sean is 3 years younger than Danya. She is a renowned hairstylist, internet personality, entrepreneur, and influencer from the United States. 

Danya was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and now operates a small little store there by the name of “Hairapy by Danya” after being trained in cosmetology by “The Cutting Edge school”.

She is well known as the long-time love interest of Sean O’Malley. The vivid hairstyles of Sean O’Malley are a clear reflection of how talented Danya is as a hairstylist.

How O’Malley met Danya?

Danya revealed that the first time O’Malley asked her out, she mistakenly thought Sugar was a 15-year-old. O’Malley and Danya have been in a relationship for nearly seven years now. At the time their dating started, Gonzalez had just turned 23, whereas O’Malley was only 20 years old.

Sean reminisced the first time he approached Danya, “I met her at the UFC gym. Danya and her sister are walking out, and he’s like (pointing to Tim Welch), ‘come on, go ask her for her Instagram. I get both of their Instagram and the rest is history.”

Did Sean O’Malley and Danya get married?

Sean and Danya have been in an open relationship for a long time and have yet to get married. They are already having a great time together, so right now they have no plans to get hitched.

Sugar stated that, “We’ve been together for a long time and it was before I was “Sugar.” It had nothing to do with, well I’m famous I should be able to (get with other women). It had nothing to do with that. It was like, ‘do you love me? Do you want me to enjoy my life?”

The couple’s swinger lifestyle

Sean O’Malley and Danya Gonzalez are in an open relationship, which means they can sleep with whoever they like, and even though they are committed to each other, they are not obliged to each other. They want to enjoy a form of relationship in which both of them are free to do what makes them happy. “Why fuck the same chick for the rest of your life?” said Sean.


The 27-year-old also stated, “We’ve had some dope threesomes. Every relationship should be okay with it, that just needs to happen.”

O’Malley and Gonzalez relationship complications

There is no doubt that O’Malley fully enjoys his open relationship, but it seems like Danya Gonzalez is fine with it too! Even though open relationships are complicated to some extent, the couple has successfully managed to defy social norms. 

“Everyone has a different take on what an open relationship is. I’d like to think of ours as an open-minded relationship where we don’t own each other. I don’t own her and she doesn’t own me… She knew she didn’t fall in love with a fake me. She knew who she was falling in love with. Cause I was myself.” enunciated Sean.

Danya’s Professional Career

Danya Gonzalez is a skilled hairstylist, and her Instagram account speaks for herself. She works independently and has numerous high-profile clients. It is no surprise that Sean O’Malley, her long-term boyfriend, is her biggest client!

what is Danya Gonzalez net worth?

Danya Gonzalez is successfully earning a hefty sum of money from her rising career. Her main source of earnings is her hairstyling business. Moreover, she also earns from her social media accounts and various other ventures. A rough estimate of her net worth could be around $3-4 million.

Do Sean and Danya have children together?


In 2020, Sean O’Malley was blessed with a baby girl named Elena O’Malley by his long-term love interest, Danya Gonzalez. “We are definitely going to have more though. 100%” joked O’Malley. Three months later O’Malley also added, She’s pretty chill, definitely got her mom’s genes because she is chill, I am not.”

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