Why does Bayern Munich visit Oktoberfest? Exploring the real reason

Bayern Munich is a football club that was founded in Munich, Bavaria on 27th February 1900. The men’s football club is the main pride-bearer of the club who are prominent for their mutual respect for the culture of their homeland and their courage to cross the extra mile to pay homage.

So, let’s have a look at Oktoberfest and Bayern’s connection with that.

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest; the name is well acquainted among Volksfest lovers. This is an annually held festival since 1810 based in Munich, Bavaria. This festival is so popular among travelers that about six million people from all over the world come to attend his function.

It is basically an 18-day festival consisting of two parts including a beer-drinking celebration and travel amusements. Generally, Oktoberfest starts in the middle of September and concludes early October every year.

Why does Bayern visit it every year?

At Oktoberfest, there are so many entertainment facilities from beer drinking to dancing to mutual get together, all are there under one roof. However, for the football club members, paying a visit to the fest is more than just an opportunity to swallow gallons of beer.

Bayern stars make traditional Oktoberfest visit

They pay a visit every year to the fest because of their connection with their community and their solid bond. As per history, Bayern was born inside a beer club centuries ago in Munich. That means this is where the club’s root lies and for that reason, paying a visit to the fest is a must for the club members.

How many league titles have Bayern won in their history?

From its establishment till now, the club occupies a total of 34 national titles which is the largest in the history of Germany.

The way Bayern players show respect towards their roots and cultures is really inspirational to the athletes of the rest of the world. Irrespective of nation or race, everyone needs to be respectful to their cultures no matter how high they rise in terms of fame and stardom and this is the teaching that the team leaves to the athletes of the world.

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