“Worst Fan Base on the Planet” Myles Straw slams Yankees Fans Hurling Trash at Guardians Players

Cleveland Guardians’ center fielder Myles Straw has dubbed the Yankees fans as the “Worst fan Base on the Planet” following an altercation between them and his teammates.

The New York Yankees entertained the Cleveland Guardians, and the home side eventually ran out 5-4 winners. the victory came courtesy of a walk-off hit by Gleyber Torres. Following the hit, the Yankees fan started to throw trash at the Guardians players.

But there is more to the story than that. The batter before Torres was Isaiah Kiner-Falefa and he delivered a game-tying RBI double and this is when the incident kicked off. Guardians left fielder Steven Kwan hit the wall when he was trying to chase down  Isaiah Kiner-Falefa’s double. even though Kwan was hurt, the Yankees fans did not have anything nice to say to the Guardians’ fielder, and this triggered Myles Straw.

Straw, who was playing in the right field, ran to the center field and climbed the right-field wall to confront the fans. So eventually when the Yankees did win the game, the fans started to hurl trash, amongst other things, at the players.

Speaking after the game, Straw called the fans “classless and dubbed them the “worst fan base on the planet”. He further added that he did not regret his actions, and “If I were to do it again I probably would’ve said the same thing.”

The Yankees are currently second in the standings on the East coast and have a record of 9-6. The Guardians, on the other hand, are at the top of the standings in their Central division and have a record of 7-7.


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