“You gotta crush another man’s dreams”: Aljamain Sterling encounters Henry Cejudo at fighter lounge ahead of UFC 288

Henry Cejudo is all set to make his much-anticipated return after a three-year hiatus this weekend on May 6th against Aljamain Sterling in the main event of UFC 288. Triple C will challenge UFC bantamweight titleholder Aljamain Sterling in a five-round bout in an attempt to become a two-time champion.

As we lead up to this big clash, the two bantamweights grabbed headlines as a video of the two confronting each other at the fighter lounge became viral. Henry Cejudo met Funkmaster and shook his hands before having a serious conversation. During this conversation, Triple C claimed that this was a good camp for him.

Thereafter Sterling appreciated Cejudo for taking the fight seriously. At the end of their verbal exchange, Funkmaster claimed that he will crush Henry’s hopes of regaining the bantamweight title.

“I’m always ready. It’s gonna be fun. And I do appreciate it on a serious note I appreciate it cause I didn’t think you were serious. But I’m glad you’re serious. It’s gonna be a good show for the fans. That’s all I care about. As long as it is a good show, I know I’m going to make money and I’m going to put on a good performance. I’m sorry man but unfortunately, this is how the game goes. You gotta crush another man’s dreams.”

Both Henry Cejudo and Aljamain Sterling showed mutual respect and had a great interaction. There seemed to be no bad blood between the two fighters who will collide against each other for the prestigious title this weekend.

Aljamain Sterling claims that he will maul Henry Cejudo at UFC 288

Throughout the entire build-up of his title defense against Henry Cejudo, Aljamain Sterling looks very confident. Even during his reaction with Triple C, Funkmaster seemed to have an edge when it came to mind games. Subsequently, in a recent interview with ESPN MMA’s Megan Olivi, Sterling made a bold claim.

He believes that his matchup against Cejudo will be very similar to the Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen fight. “I think this is gonna be like Jon Jones when he fought Chael Sonnen. When Chael Sonnen compared it to being mauled by a bear that’s what’s gonna happen,” said Aljamain Sterling.

The bantamweight champion is wary of Henry Cejudo’s skills as he mentioned in the interview but his confidence in his takedown skills and size advantage are the reasons why he is confident. It would be interesting to see how this fight plays out as the two fighters are known to be elite on the ground.


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