“You had to support me” Shannon Sharpe addresses LeBron James’ defense of him on Lakers-Grizzlies courtside altercation

Basketball games are exciting, with teams competing with each other and giving their all in the arena. Things sometimes get fired up in the arena resulting in fights between players and, on many occasions, with the spectator.

However, things might take unexpected turns if the spectator is a renowned former football player and a media personality. This is the story of Shanon Sharpe, who went down to watch the Lakers play against the Grizzlies.

Shanon Sharpe supported the Lakers in the Friday game, who won with just a point. Yet, in between the match, Sharp could be spotted exchanging some words with Brooks. Afterward, the scene was not so friendly as the Fox Sports personality yelled at Morant. The player immediately heard his screaming voice of Sharp and walked up to him to settle things once and for all. He was not alone; his teammate Steven Adams came forward to protect his mate.

Even then, Shanon did not stop- he kept screaming at the Grizzlies’ players. Ja Morant’s father, Tee Morant, also stepped in to stop the conflicting drama. After the game ended and Shanon Sharpe finally sat calmly, he realized his actions were wrong and needed to apologize to everyone. Thus, Sharpe came out with an apology video, apologizing to everyone.  

What did Shanon Sharpe say in his apology video?

In his three-minute apology video, Sharp apologizes to everyone who was in the arena and watching the game on the air. He also goes on to explain why he must apologize to these people. Moreover, he wanted forgiveness from the Lakers legend LeBron James, as the L-Train had to defend him while the rest of the world could not understand his actions. Regarding James, Sharp went on to say,

“I also want to apologize to LeBron James because y’all know how I feel about him, and he’s supported me through thick and thin. I’m sorry that I put you in this situation and that you had to support me in something like this.”

Sharp realizing his mistake will surely win back the hearts of his fans, and we all hope sports remain a space where people can come together and enjoy each other’s skills. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming your way.


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