“You put anybody against us, I like our chances”: Anthony Davis shows faith in Lakers’ playoff possibilities with audacious remark

As the end of the NBA regular season approaches, the Los Angeles Lakers are feeling the pressure to make the postseason facing a stiff competition, and Anthony Davis is more than willing to fight through it.

Following their win over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, the Lakers are the eighth seed in the Western Conference. The win nudged them into a comfortable zone at the table and boosted the team’s morale as well.

In the absence of superstar Lebron James, the Lakers are depending on Anthony‘s leadership traits to pull the team into the postseason, and he is doing a pretty decent job so far.

How determined is Anthony Davis for the postseason?

In an interview with ESPN, the 30-year-old expressed confidence about reaching the postseason playoffs. “With the team we have now, we feel like we can not only make noise this year, but I like our chance against anybody to be honest.”

“You can pit anyone against us; I like our chances… Who knows what we could be, what threat we could be next year and then for years to come if they work it out and are able to keep this group together?” the 8-time NBA all-star inspires the teammates.

The 6.10-footer has a distinctive approach to every game: being dominant and emitting a destructive mood over the hardwood. Following his audacious remark, he put his word against the thunder at Crypto.com Arena.

Davis scored a thundering 37 points with 15 rebounds and one assist, pushing the Lakers to a five-point victory over the visitors. It appears he is not just playing around with words anymore.

Moreover, the 2020 NBA champion is having a spectacular season for the Lakers despite his frequent injuries. He scored with an average of 25.9 points, 12.4 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game in 47 appearances.

The Lakers have eight more games in hand, and only three of them are at their home venue. With the Timberwolves, the Thunder, the Pelicans, and the Mavericks breathing down their necks, they are going to face the toughest test for the next two weeks.

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